Program Notes

We hope you will enjoy program notes from some recent concerts.

J. S. Bach, Partita, E major, BWV 1006 (1720)
Notes by Raymond Erickson

Amy Beach, Sonata, Violin and Piano, A Minor, op. 34 (1896)
Notes by John Baron

Ludwig van Beethoven, Sonata, C Minor, Piano and Violin, Op. 30 No. 2 (1802)
Notes by Raymond Erickson

Havergal Brian, Legend, Violin and Piano (1922)
Notes by David Hackbridge Johnson

Claude Debussy, Sonata, G (1917)
Notes by Joel Sheveloff

Irving Fine, Sonata, Violin and Piano (1946)
Notes by Joel Sheveloff

Andrew Imbrie, Soliloquy (1998)
Notes by Andrew Imbrie

Mary Mageau, Calls From the Heartland: Five Preludes, Violin and Piano (1995)
Notes by Mary Mageau

Krzysztof Meyer, Imaginary Variations, Violin and Piano, op. 114 (2010)
Notes by Krzysztof Meyer

Juan Orrego-Salas, Turns and Returns, Violin and Piano, op. 121 (2001)
Notes by Juan Orrego-Salas

Nicolò Paganini, Caprices, M.S. 25, op. 1 (ca. 1805), #14, #13, #16
Notes by Joel Sheveloff

Gabriel Pierné, Sonata, Piano and Violin, op. 36 (1900)
Notes by Gail Woldu

Maurice Ravel, Sonata, Piano and Violin (1927)
Notes by Joel Sheveloff

Gardner Read, Five Aphorisms for Violin and Piano, op. 150 (1991)
Notes by Gardner Read

Vittorio Rieti, Rondo Variato, Violin and Piano (1945)
Notes by Samuel Rechtoris

Franz Schubert, Fantasie, Piano and Violin, C Major, D. 934 (1827)
Notes by Raymond Erickson

Franz Schubert, Rondo, Piano and Violin, B Minor, D. 895 (1826)
Notes by Joel Sheveloff

Robert Schumann, Sonata No. 1, Piano and Violin, A Minor, op. 105 (1851)
Notes by Jozef De Beenhouwer